Board Review

2021-2022 Academic Year

Date Speaker Title
Jan 19, 2022 Michael Slade and Giordano Cittolin Santos Breast Cancer
Jan 20, 2022 Stefan Tarnawsky Clinical Research Methodology
Jan 26, 2022 Michael Kramer and Jared Cohen Gastrointestinal Cancer
Jan 27, 2022 Michael Iglesia Genetics & Tumor Biology
Feb 2, 2022 Rigoberto De Jesus Pizarro and Joshua Siner Genitourinary Cancer
Feb 3, 2022 Jing Xi and Oladipo Cole Gynecologic Cancer
Feb 9, 2022 Zachary Crees and Whitney Hensing Head, Neck, Thyroid, and Central Nervous System
Feb 10, 2022 Alice Zhou and Andrew Young Hematologic Neoplasms
Feb 16, 2022 Fahrettin Covut Other Solid Tumors
Feb 17, 2022 Ryan Day and David Russler-Germain Palliative/Supportive Care & Survivorship
Feb 22, 2022 Bindiya Patel and Raya Saba Pharmacology & Anticancer Therapeutics
Feb 23, 2022 Nicole Foley and Jesse Zeretsky Thoracic Cancer
Mar 3, 2022 Rigoberto De Jesus Pizarro and Nicole Foley Coagulation
Mar 9, 2022 Jared Cohen, Raya Saba and Michael Slade Hematopoietic System
Mar 10, 2022 Whitney Hensing Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
Zachary Crees and Bindiya Patel Transfusion Medicine
Mar 16, 2022 Fahrettin Covut and Jing Xi Principles Underlying the Practice of Hematology (Basic Science & Legal/Ethical Issues)
Mar 17, 2022 Giordano Cittolin Santos, Oladipo Cole and Joshua Siner Hematologic Neoplastic Disorders