Medical Oncology Grand Rounds

2019-2020 Academic Year

Date Speaker Title
Aug 9, 2019 Mark E. Burkard, MD, PhD
Univesity of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health, Madison, WI
Enhancing Precision of Breast Cancer Treatment
Aug 16, 2019 Trudy G. Oliver, PhD
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
MYC Drives a Unique Metabolic and Therapeutically-Relevant Subset of Small Cell Lung Cancer
Sep 13, 2019 Patrick Grierson The MK2/Hsp27 Axis as a Therapeutic Target in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Sep 20, 2019 Julien Sage, PhD
Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Mechanisms of Small Cell Lung Cancer Metastasis
Sep 27, 2019 Ramon Jin Organoids to Study Upper GI Malignancies
Oct 4, 2019 Shivani Ahlawat, MD
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1) Related Peripheral Nerve Tumors - What Is the State of the Art Imaging?
Oct 18, 2019 Gradon Nielsen High Value Cancer Care
Alice Zhou Immunosuppression and Tumorigenesis: Lessons From Cyclosporine A on Angiogenesis
Oct 25, 2019 Keith Stewart, MB, ChB, MBA
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Harvey & Linda Saligman Lecture
Multiple Myeloma: Advances in Diagnostics and Care
Nov 1, 2019 Sarat Chandarlapaty, MD, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY
Breast Cancer Resistance to Combination Endocrine Therapy: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Implications
Nov 22, 2019 Mary-Kate Malecek Targeting the PI3K Pathway in Cancer
Zachary Crees Bone Marrow Niche - Hematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC) Signaling and Therapeutic Implications for Peripheral Blood (PB) HSC Mobilization
Dec 13, 2019 John L. Hays, MD, PhD
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Finding the Right Targets in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer
Dec 20, 2019 Daniel J. Lenihan, MD
Cardiovascular Division
Cardio-Oncology: A New Part of the Team
Jan 10, 2020 Ryan Day Maintenance Therapy in AML/MDS
Daniel Guy Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm
Jan 17, 2020 Aadel Chaudhuri
Radiation Oncology
Cell Free DNA Liquid Biopsy: Tumor Surveillance, Risk Stratification and MRD Detection
Jan 24, 2020 George Souroullas Understanding the Role of EZH2 Mutations on Chromatin Dynamics and Oncogenesis
Jan 31, 2020 Brett Herzog Modeling Stromal-Induced Immunotherapy Resistance in Lung Cancer
Feb 7, 2020 Jason Held Cancer Biochemistry Through the Lens of Chemical and Redox Biology
Feb 14, 2020 Francesca Ferraro Measurable Residual Disease (MRD) in AML: Challenges and Opportunities for Intervention
Feb 21, 2020 Alessandro Vindigni Mechanisms of DNA Replication Stress Response to Chemotherapeutics
Feb 28, 2020 Mia Weiss, MD
Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Treatment of Metastatic Soft Tissue Sarcoma in the Era of Next Generation Sequencing
Mar 6, 2020 Derek A. Wainwright, PhD
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
Improving Survival by Reversing the Effects of Aging in Patients With Glioblastoma
Mar 13, 2020 CANCELED
Mar 20, 2020 CANCELED
Mar 27, 2020 CANCELED
Apr 3, 2020 CANCELED
Apr 10, 2020 CANCELED
Apr 17, 2020 CANCELED
Apr 24, 2020 CANCELED
May 1, 2020 Lauren Shea Treatment of PTLD: Current Approaches and Emerging Therapies
Jing Xi Emerging Novel Therapies for HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer
May 8, 2020 CANCELED
May 15, 2020 Bruna Pellini Ferreira Urinary Cell-Free DNA Analysis for Tumor Mutation Detection in Patients With Oligometastatic Colorectal Cancer
May 22, 2020 CANCELED
May 29, 2020 Haeseong Park COVID-19 and Cancer
Jun 5, 2020 Stephen Sykes, PhD
Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
The Role and Regulation of Serine Metabolism in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Jun 12, 2020 Michael Iglesia Predicting Response to Immunotherapy: PD-L1 and Beyond
Miriam Jacobs The Role of IL-15 as a Cancer Immunotherapy
Jun 19, 2020 Whitney Hensing Immunotherapy in TNBC: Advances in Early Stage Disease
David Russler-Germain Bispecific Antibodies in Lymphoid Malignancies: Past, Present, and Future