Medical Oncology Grand Rounds

2022-2023 Academic Year

Date Speaker Title
Sep 16, 2022 Andrew Chow Mobilizing the Full Immunological Armamentarium in Lung Cancer
Sep 23, 2022 Jeffrey Aldrich Highlights From Research in Supportive Care and Outcome Disparities in Breast Cancer
Oct 14, 2022
EPNEC Seminar Room A
Trever Bivona, MD, PhD
University of California San Francisco
Emerging Insights Into Oncogenic RTK-RAS Signaling
Oct 28, 2022 Stefan Tarnawsky Update to the Prognostication and Classification of Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Nov 4, 2022 Mohammad Atiq, MD
National Institutes of Health
Exploring Immunocytokine Synergy With Chemotherapy in Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Nov 11, 2022 Katherine Weilbaecher Breast Cancer Metastasis in Bone: Insights Into Old Therapies and New Approaches
Dec 16, 2022 Maria B. Magella Doyle, MD
Department of Surgery
Transplant Oncology - Making New Strides in Cancer Care
Jan 6, 2023 Brad Kahl Mantle Cell Lymphoma - What Did We Learn in 2022?
Jan 13, 2023 Arvind Ravi, MD, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Integrative Approaches to Understanding Therapeutic Response and Resistance
Jan 20, 2023 Thomas Westbrook, MD
University of Michigan
Lineage Plasticity in Prostate Cancer: Mechanistic Insight and Therapeutic Implications
Jan 27, 2023 David Russler-Germain Follicular Lymphoma: New Insights, Treatments, and Opportunities
Feb 3, 2023 Kelly Bolton Germline Genetic Predisposition to Cancer: Paradigm Shifts and Practical Application in Oncology Care
Feb 10, 2023 Raya Saba Management of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma in Older Patients
Feb 17, 2023 Ron Bose Trastuzumab Deruxtecan in Breast, Lung, and Gastroesophageal Cancers
Feb 24, 2023 Fahrettin Covut CAR T-Cell and Bispecific Therapies for Relapsed Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Mar 3, 2023 Kian-Huat Lim Targeting Tumor Innate Inflammation in GI Cancers
Mar 10, 2023 Christopher Maher Altered Noncoding Regulation Across Solid Tumors
Mar 17, 2023 Priyanka Verma Targeting Base Damage Repair to Overcome Limitations of PARP Inhibitor Thaerapy in BRCA-Mutant Cancers
Mar 24, 2023
Holden Auditorium
Norman "Ned" Sharpless, MD
University of North Carolina
Ending Cancer as We Know It: Forecasting Future Cancer Progress
Mar 31, 2023 Akash Patnaik, MD, PhD, MMSc
University of Chicago
Activating Innate Immunity in Prostate Cancer: From Bedside to Bench and Back
Apr 7, 2023 Bindiya Patel Targeting MET in NSCLC
Apr 14, 2023 Andrew Young Understanding Cancer Risk in Firefighters
Apr 21, 2023 Jonathan Trujillo, MD, PhD
University of Chicago
The Role of Cancer Cell-Intrinsic Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF) Activation in Tumor Immune Evasion
Apr 28, 2023 Danielle Atibalentja, MD, PhD
Stanford University
Deciphering B-Cell Responses in a Pre-Clinical Model of MYC-Driven T-Cell Lymphoma
May 5, 2023 Chongj-Xian Pan, MD, PhD
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Translational Research to Address Unmet Needs in Bladder Cancer
May 12, 2023 Jill Phallen, PhD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Liquid Biopsy Approaches and Cell-Free DNA Biology for Early Detection of Cancer
May 19, 2023 Matthew Christopher Improving the Graft-Versus-AML Effect
May 26, 2023 Jared Cohen Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lymphatic Dysgenesis and the Emerging Role of the Medical Oncologist
Jun 9, 2023 Andrea Hagemann, MD
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Prioritizing Gynecologic Cancer Prevention: Panel Testing, Preventive Surgeries, and More
Jun 16, 2023 Nicole Foley Personalizing Therapy for Patients With T-Cell Lymphomas
Jun 23, 2023 Giordano Cittolin-Santos Small Cell Lung Cancer: Changes in Epidemiology and Recent Advances
Jun 30, 2023 Michael Iglesia Liver Metastasis: Seed and Soil
Jesse Zaretsky Checkpoint Immunotherapy, Beyond Anti-PD1 and CTLA4