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Katherine K. Clifton

Katherine K. Clifton, MD

Assistant Professor

Department of Medicine

Oncology Division

Medical Oncology

Clinical Interests

  • Breast cancer


  • 314-747-7401 (office)
  • 314-362-7086 (fax)
  • Division of Oncology
    Mail Stop 8056-0029-11
    Washington University
    660 South Euclid Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63110
  • 11th Floor Mid Campus Center (office)

Peer-reviewed Manuscripts

  • Genomic Complexity Predicts Resistance to Endocrine Therapy and CDK4/6 Inhibition in Hormone Receptor-Positive (HR+)/HER2-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer
    Davis AA, Luo J, Zheng T, Dai C, Dong X, Tan L, Suresh R, Ademuyiwa FO, Rigden C, Rearden TP, Clifton K, Weilbaecher K, Frith A, Tandra PK, Summa T, Haas B, Thomas S, Hernandez-Aya LF, Peterson LL, Wang X, Luo SJ, Zhou K, Du P, Jia S, King BL, Krishnamurthy J, Ma CX
    Clin Cancer Res 2023 Jan 24:CCR-22-2177; [ahead of print]
  • A Phase II Study of Palbociclib Plus Letrozole Plus Trastuzumab as Neoadjuvant Treatment for Clinical Stages II and III ER+ HER2+ Breast Cancer (PALTAN)
    Ademuyiwa FO, Northfelt DW, O'Connor T, Levine E, Luo J, Tao Y, Hoog J, Laury ML, Summa T, Hammerschmidt T, Guo Z, Frith A, Weilbaecher K, Opyrchal M, Aft R, Clifton K, Suresh R, Bagegni N, Hagemann IS, Iglesia MD, Ma CX
    NPJ Breast Cancer 2023 Jan 6;9(1):1
  • Circulating Tumour DNA Characterisation of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma in Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer
    Davis AA, Gerratana L, Clifton K, Medford AJ, Velimirovic M, Hensing WL, Bucheit L, Shah AN, D'Amico P, Reduzzi C, Zhang Q, Dai CS, Denault EN, Bagegni NA, Opyrchal M, Ademuyiwa FO, Bose R, Gradishar WJ, Behdad A, Ma CX, Bardia A, Cristofanilli M
    EBioMedicine 2022 Dec;86:104316
  • Loneliness, Social Isolation, and Social Support in Older Adults With Active Cancer During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Clifton K, Gao F, Jabbari J, Van Aman M, Dulle P, Hanson J, Wildes TM
    J Geriatr Oncol 2022 Nov;13(8):1122-1131
  • Targeted Treatment for High-Risk Early-Stage Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Spotlight on Pembrolizumab
    Bagegni NA, Davis AA, Clifton KK, Ademuyiwa FO
    Breast Cancer (Dove Med Press) 2022 Apr 29;14:113-123
  • A Phase II Trial of an Alternative Schedule of Palbociclib and Embedded Serum TK1 Analysis
    Krishnamurthy J, Luo J, Suresh R, Ademuyiwa F, Rigden C, Rearden T, Clifton K, Weilbaecher K, Frith A, Roshal A, Tandra PK, Cherian M, Summa T, Haas B, Thomas S, Hernandez-Aya L, Bergqvist M, Peterson L, Ma CX
    NPJ Breast Cancer 2022 Mar 21;8(1):35
  • Intermittent Fasting in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
    Clifton KK, Ma CX, Fontana L, Peterson LL
    CA Cancer J Clin 2021 Nov;71(6):527-546
  • Inadequate and Delayed Characterization of Cutaneous Reactions for US Food and Drug Administration-Approved Oncologic Drugs From 2011-2020 Leading to Medication Discontinuation
    Yang JJ, So N, Maloney NJ, Arzeno J, Clifton KK, Bach DQ
    J Am Acad Dermatol 2021 Nov;85(5):1351-1352
  • NCCN Guidelines(R) Insights: Older Adult Oncology, Version 1.2021
    Dotan E, Walter LC, Browner IS, Clifton K, Cohen HJ, Extermann M, Gross C, Gupta S, Hollis G, Hubbard J, Jagsi R, Keating NL, Kessler E, Koll T, Korc-Grodzicki B, McKoy JM, Misra S, Moon D, O'Connor T, Owusu C, Rosko A, Russell M, Sedrak M, Siddiqui F, Stella A, Stirewalt DL, Subbiah IM, Tew WP, Williams GR, Hollinger L, George GV, Sundar H
    J Natl Compr Canc Netw 2021 Sep 20;19(9):1006-1019
  • Immunogenomic Profiling and Pathological Response Results From a Clinical Trial of Docetaxel and Carboplatin in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
    Ademuyiwa FO, Chen I, Luo J, Rimawi MF, Hagemann IS, Fisk B, Jeffers G, Skidmore ZL, Basu A, Richters M, Ma CX, Weilbaecher K, Davis J, Suresh R, Peterson LL, Bose R, Bagegni N, Rigden CE, Frith A, Rearden TP, Hernandez-Aya LF, Roshal A, Clifton K, Opyrchal M, Akintola-Ogunremi O, Lee BH, Ferrando-Martinez S, Church SE, Anurag M, Ellis MJ, Gao F, Gillanders W, Griffith OL, Griffith M
    Breast Cancer Res Treat 2021 Aug;189(1):187-202
  • Mutation Profile Differences in Younger and Older Patients With Advanced Breast Cancer Using Circulating Tumor DNA (CtDNA)
    Clifton K, Luo J, Tao Y, Saam J, Rich T, Roshal A, Frith A, Rigden C, Ademuyiwa F, Weilbaecher K, Hernandez-Aya L, Peterson LL, Bagegni N, Suresh R, Bose R, Opyrchal M, Wildes TM, Ma C
    Breast Cancer Res Treat 2021 Feb;185(3):639-646
  • Single-Institution Phase 1/2 Prospective Clinical Trial of Single-Fraction, High-Gradient Adjuvant Partial-Breast Irradiation for Hormone Sensitive Stage 0-I Breast Cancer
    Kennedy WR, Thomas MA, Stanley JA, Luo J, Ochoa LL, Clifton KK, Cyr AE, Margenthaler JA, DeWees TA, Price A, Kashani R, Green O, Zoberi I
    Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2020 Jun 1;107(2):344-352
  • Identification of Actionable Fusions as an Anti-EGFR Resistance Mechanism Using a Circulating Tumor DNA Assay
    Clifton K, Rich TA, Parseghian C, Raymond VM, Dasari A, Pereira AAL, Willis J, Loree JM, Bauer TM, Chae YK, Sherrill G, Fanta P, Grothey A, Hendifar A, Henry D, Mahadevan D, Nezami MA, Tan B, Wainberg ZA, Lanman R, Kopetz S, Morris V
    JCO Precis Oncol 2019 Oct 3;3:141
  • Progression-Free Survival (PFS) and Toxicities of Palbociclib in a Geriatric Population
    Clifton K, Min Y, Kimmel J, Litton J, Tripathy D, Karuturi M
    Breast Cancer Res Treat 2019 Jun;175(3):667-674
  • Anti-EGFR-Resistant Clones Decay Exponentially After Progression: Implications for Anti-EGFR Re-Challenge
    Parseghian CM, Loree JM, Morris VK, Liu X, Clifton KK, Napolitano S, Henry JT, Pereira AA, Vilar E, Johnson B, Kee B, Raghav K, Dasari A, Wu J, Garg N, Raymond VM, Banks KC, Talasaz AA, Lanman RB, Strickler JH, Hong DS, Corcoran RB, Overman MJ, Kopetz S
    Ann Oncol 2019 Feb 1;30(2):243-249
  • Prognostic Factors in Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer With Bone-Only Metastases
    Parkes A, Warneke CL, Clifton K, Al-Awadhi A, Oke O, Pestana RC, Alhalabi O, Litton JK, Hortobagyi GN
    Oncologist 2018 Nov;23(11):1282-1288
  • Severe Hyponatremia Following Cyclophosphamide Infusion in Breast Cancer Patients
    Clifton K, Barnett C, Martinez A, Karuturi M, Saleem S, Litton J
    Breast J 2018 Jul;24(4):691-692
  • Adjuvant Versus Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients With BRCA Mutations
    Clifton K, Gutierrez-Barrera A, Ma J, Bassett R Jr, Litton J, Kuerer H, Moulder S, Albarracin C, Hortobagyi G, Arun B
    Breast Cancer Res Treat 2018 Jul;170(1):101-109
  • Characterization of Bone Only Metastasis Patients With Respect to Tumor Subtypes
    Parkes A, Clifton K, Al-Awadhi A, Oke O, Warneke CL, Litton JK, Hortobagyi GN
    NPJ Breast Cancer 2018 Jan 25;4:2

Invited Publications

  • Breast Cancer
    Xi J, Ma CX, Clifton K
    In: The Washington Manual of Oncology, 4th Edition (Morgensztern D, Ghobadi A, Govindan R, Editors), Wolters Kluwer, Philadelphia, 2022
  • Breast Cancer
    Clifton K, Ademuyiwa FO, Bose R, Ma CX
    In: DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg's Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology Review, 5th Edition (Morgensztern D, Govindan R, Devarakonda S, Trikalinos NA, Editors), Wolters Kluwer, Philadelphia, 2022