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Toshinao Oyama

Toshinao Oyama, PhD


Department of Medicine

Oncology Division

Molecular Oncology

Research Interests

  • Molecular regulation mechansm of cancers
  • Bone cancer
  • Kidney cancer


  • 314-362-7942 (lab)
  • Division of Oncology
    Mail Stop 8069-0012-05
    Washington University
    660 South Euclid Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63110
  • 3303T Couch Biomedical Research Building (lab)

Peer-reviewed Manuscripts

  • Chromosome 3p Loss-Orchestrated VHL, HIF, and Epigenetic Deregulation in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
    Hsieh JJ, Le VH, Oyama T, Ricketts CJ, Ho TH, Cheng EH
    J Clin Oncol 2018 Dec 20;36(36):3533-3539
  • The SWI/SNF Protein PBRM1 Restrains VHL-Loss-Driven Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
    Nargund AM, Pham CG, Dong Y, Wang PI, Osmangeyoglu HU, Xie Y, Aras O, Han S, Oyama T, Takeda S, Ray CE, Dong Z, Berge M, Hakimi AA, Monette S, Lekaye CL, Koutcher JA, Leslie CS, Creighton CJ, Weinhold N, Lee W, Tickoo SK, Wang Z, Cheng EH, Hsieh JJ
    Cell Rep 2017 Mar 21;18(12):2893-2906
  • Mechanistically Distinct Cancer-Associated mTOR Activation Clusters Predict Sensitivity to Rapamycin
    Xu J, Pham CG, Albanese SK, Dong Y, Oyama T, Lee CH, Rodrik-Outmezguine V, Yao Z, Han S, Chen D, Parton DL, Chodera JD, Rosen N, Cheng EH, Hsieh JJ
    J Clin Invest 2016 Sep 1;126(9):3526-40
  • Taspase1-Dependent TFIIA Cleavage Coordinates Head Morphogenesis by Limiting Cdkn2a Locus Transcription
    Takeda S, Sasagawa S, Oyama T, Searleman AC, Westergard TD, Cheng EH, Hsieh JJ
    J Clin Invest 2015 Mar 2;125(3):1203-14
  • Taspase1 Cleaves MLL1 to Activate Cyclin E for HER2/Neu Breast Tumorigenesis
    Dong Y, Van Tine BA, Oyama T, Wang PI, Cheng EH, Hsieh JJ
    Cell Res 2014 Nov;24(11):1354-66
  • Cleavage of TFIIA by Taspase1 Activates TRF2-Specified Mammalian Male Germ Cell Programs
    Oyama T, Sasagawa S, Takeda S, Hess RA, Lieberman PM, Cheng EH, Hsieh JJ
    Dev Cell 2013 Oct 28;27(2):188-200
  • MAML1 Enhances the Transcriptional Activity of Runx2 and Plays a Role in Bone Development
    Watanabe T, Oyama T, Asada M, Harada D, Ito Y, Inagawa M, Suzuki Y, Sugano S, Katsube K, Karsenty G, Komori T, Kitagawa M, Asahara H
    PLoS Genet 2013;9(1):e1003132
  • "Targeting Taspase1 for Cancer Therapy"-Response
    Chen DY, Takeda S, Oyama T, Hsieh JJ
    Cancer Res 2012 Jun 1;72(11):2913
  • Mastermind-Like 1 (MamL1) and Mastermind-Like 3 (MamL3) Are Essential for Notch Signaling in Vivo
    Oyama T, Harigaya K, Sasaki N, Okamura Y, Kokubo H, Saga Y, Hozumi K, Suganami A, Tamura Y, Nagase T, Koga H, Nishimura M, Sakamoto R, Sato M, Yoshida N, Kitagawa M
    Development 2011 Dec;138(23):5235-46
  • Visualization of the Activity of Rac1 Small GTPase in a Cell
    Higashi M, Yu J, Tsuchiya H, Saito T, Oyama T, Kawana H, Kitagawa M, Tamaru J, Harigaya K
    Acta Histochem Cytochem 2010 Dec 29;43(6):163-8
  • Mastermind-1 Is Required for Notch Signal-Dependent Steps in Lymphocyte Development in Vivo
    Oyama T, Harigaya K, Muradil A, Hozumi K, Habu S, Oguro H, Iwama A, Matsuno K, Sakamoto R, Sato M, Yoshida N, Kitagawa M
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2007 Jun 5;104(23):9764-9
  • Identification of New Human Mastermind Proteins Defines a Family That Consists of Positive Regulators for Notch Signaling
    Lin SE, Oyama T, Nagase T, Harigaya K, Kitagawa M
    J Biol Chem 2002 Dec 27;277(52):50612-20

Invited Publications

  • [untitled]
    Sasagawa S, Oyama T, Hsieh JJ
    Saibou Kougaku 2014;33(3):306-308