Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Division of Oncology and increase multidisciplinary collaboration to foster health disparities research in oncology. We provide guidance, support, and resources to ensure all are included and have equal opportunities for success in our Division. 

We will do this by 

  1. Enhancing and creating discussions on current health disparities research in oncology  
  2. Fostering a safe and inclusive training environment for all 
  3. Working with leadership to recruit and retain underrepresented in medicine (UriM) trainees and faculty in Oncology 
  4. Working with IDEAS, MEDA, and other programs for providing mentorship opportunities for supporting UriM in Oncology 
  5. Building a community of resources for Oncology faculty/staff 

Promoting Diversity in Division of Oncology

Enhance Health Disparities Research
Foster safe & inclusive training environments
Provide flexibility, support, mentorship for underrepresented faculty
Promote retention and equitable hiring practices
Implement long-term diversity training


Foluso O. (Bisi) Ademuyiwa, MD, MPH, MSCI
Foluso Olabisi (Bisi) Ademuyiwa, MD
Jessica M. Silva-Fisher
Assistant Director:
Jessica Silva-Fisher, PhD


Please contact us if you need guidance or help with any issues.  


  1. Monthly HDO group seminars
  2. Friday happy hour-location, etc
  3. IDEAS/MEDA events
  4. Due dates for internal programs-i.e T32 Tim Ley, T32 Cancer Bio, etc
  5. Oncology meetings

We are happy to be collaborating with the Mentorship to Enhance Diversity in Academia (MEDA) and Siteman Cancer Center to provide mentorship to our trainees and faculty. If you would like to connect with a mentor or become a mentor please contact Jen Mosher mosherj@wustl.edu.

MEDA 1st annual event. (left to right) Drs. Lisa de la Fuentes, Angela Brown, and Sara England

We also collaborate with the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Allyship & Social Justice (IDEAS) at Department of Medicine (DOM) to provide mentorship and guidance through FWIM, OUTMED, and Residency initiative.

Prospective Faculty, Trainees, and Staff

We are excited you are considering becoming a part of our wonderful group. Please visit our resources to learn more about what we provide and the support that will be available.

Trainee Programs you may apply to.

Community/Networking events
  • Current programs
  • Health Disparities in Oncology Group
    We bring together researchers and clinicians interested in and currently doing health disparities research in oncology. We aim to create, develop, and support novel ideas and collaboration through monthly seminars, invited speakers, and annual meetings.
    • Meetings monthly at 11 floor MCC.  LUNCH PROVIDED!
      Tentative Schedule:
    • October 13, 2023 -NIH and private funding available for Health Disparities research
    • December 2023 -Local programs and community resources
    • February 2024 – Faculty talk
    • April 2024 – Fellow talk
    • June 2024 -Invited speaker
    • August 2024- Annual event
  • Friday happy hour
  • Pedal the Cause
  • Tennis Rally
  • DOM meet the chair